NYC After Hours

Yale School of Architecture
Spring 2019
Critic: Aniket Shahane

Serena Ching
Deirdre Plaus 


Through the investigation of the Marx Brothers Playground controversy on the Upper East Side, this project explores urbanism through a series of design explorations and interventions for the nighttime population. Given the scale of this population, the density of 24/7 businesses and workers in the Marx Brothers neighborhood, and the long-accepted closing of parks during nighttime hours, the Marx Brothers Playground presents a unique opportunity to investigate and challenge this condition. Ranging from the scale of surface treatments and lighting, to architectural forms and edge conditions, to the re-zoning of blocks in the Upper East Side neighborhood, night shift workers are able to move freely between reinvigorated 24/7 amenities and open spaces. These simple design strategies draw long-overdue attention to this 15% of the population towards a healthier, safer night culture in the Marx Brothers neighborhood.